Bauer Meats Pet Ration

Here at Bauer Meats we have a large clientele that always want the best ration for their family companions, their faithful dogs. Nowadays with all the processing and chemicals and concerns over processing pet food overseas and issues with quality, it’s a great thing to have local, high quality rations prepared here, in Alberta at Bauer Meats.

Our pet ration is the highest quality fresh ingredients you’ll find anywhere, we have a perfect blend of Alberta ranch raised beef, we mix in some locally grown grain fed pork, along with Canadian Bison, and also Wapiti, sourced locally. This ration is ground and put into long tubes, roughly 10 to 12 lbs each, and then quick frozen. This is the freshest ration you’ll ever come across. Now, in the opinion of many, our raw food blend is far superior to those processed rations, we know exactly what has gone into these rations, we can share that with you, and we know your pet will love it.

Bauer Meats is a provincially inspected facility, we use the highest quality ingredients, basically every ingredient¬†is the same as you and I would receive, we don’t skimp on our pet ration. Our clients have some of the best dogs in Canada, we want to provide the very best food source available for them.

Here is a testimonial from one of our satisfied clients, Merv Carlson. Merv runs Kamia Kennels, which has Canada’s Premier Elkhounds. Kamia Kennels feeds all the Elkhounds our ration, even the pups are placed on the ration from 4 weeks old. You’ll never find a nicer group of Elkhounds and Merv is some fussy about the care they get, to be sure. You’re welcome to speak with him and his experience using our ration for his great dogs.

Kamia Kennels Elkhounds and Merv Carlson

Kamia Kennels Elkhounds and Merv Carlson

I have been using the ration from Bauer Meats now for quite some time, I still make some of my own blend up, but for the most part, the entire main ration is the Bauer Pet Blend. This is a premium blend, top ingredients, and my dogs love it for sure. Now, I feed almost entirely raw to my Elkhounds, I feel we have the top Elkhounds in North America, and quite frankly, we want the best for them. People come from around the world for our genetics, and our big fella, Takoda, well, he likes to eat. We need to keep these dogs in the very best shape possible, you do that with quality feed. You can and are welcome to contact me about this ration, I’ll give you my opinion on it, you can come and see the dogs anytime as well, or drop by the site, I have a ton of photos, see for yourself what the quality of these dogs are on this great ration. . Sincerely, Merv Carlson – Kamia Kennels