Bauer Meats Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs – these are some very tender pork ribs.

Bauer Pork Ribs - Delicious

Bauer Pork Ribs – Delicious

All our pork is grain fed, Alberta raised pork, locally grown. We are a provincially inspected facility and have been processing pork for a lot of years, we know just the best way to trim these for the maximum flavour. When you wish to have a great barbeque with the family, these pork ribs are ideal.

There is a lot of nice white lean meat on these ribs, the trim is just right, so you get the maximum flavor, and the grain fed locally raised pork has a much better flavour.

These ribs go with a wide variety of food dish combinations, but as you’ll come to appreciate quality pork makes for a much nicer meal, the meat is what they call ” fall of the bone delicious”.

Talk to us about these, we can have these in our freezer pack, or put a special package together for you, call or email, we would love to hear from you.