Bauer Meats Sausage

Bauer Meats Award Winning Sausage – here we make our sausage the old fashioned way, by hand, using the finest cuts of meat. All our meats are Provincially inspected and our facility prides itself on quality. We have been making award winning sausage for years and we know your going to love it.

Bauer Meats Grilled Sausage - Premium

Bauer Meats Grilled Sausage – Premium

We have our old family recipes, some new recipes, and of course, all of them feature the finest cuts. We like to use top quality Alberta beef, ranch raised, grass fed in the foothills area around Torrington. We are located just north east of Calgary and there is no better beef in the world than Alberta Beef.

Our pork is all locally grown, grain fed, Alberta pork, this is tender high quality pork. We trim and make our batches with an eye on quality. We use one of the best natural casings, and you’ll find it exception no matter how you wish to cook the sausage.

When it comes to sausage, let’s face it mass produced sausage will never taste as good, or have as high a quality of cuts involved as hand made. We have the best cuts right here, we select the finest herbs and spices to go along with this prime beef and pork. Fresh herbs, they do make a difference.

Fresh sausage, breakfast, or other, there is nothing like it. You’ll really appreciate the fact that it’s not full of low quality cuts, nor is it full of high fat content, we have just the right amount for flavour, but we focus on high quality throughout, you’ll know the minute you put this sausage in the pan, it’s like nothing you have had before, your going to love it.