New Website Launched!

Welcome to our new Bauer Meats online store. We sure are happy to hear from you, drop us a note anytime. We have our freezer packs up on the site here, if you would like a custom freezer pack, by all means let us know we can make one up. These are our most popular packages, all tender cuts, great value, and some tremendous flavour.

All our meat is grown locally of course, ranch raised beef, and we specialize in Angus beef, tender juicy cuts, steaks, roast, prime rib like you haven’t seen and tasted before. We do custom cutting as well, and game processing, so when hunting season rolls around, by all means, get ahold of us.

We have Elk and Bison locally sourced also, and great pork, so your sure to find all the items to suit your palate and your budget at Bauer Meats.

We look forward to talking with you,


Mike Bauer