Bauer Steaks

Bauer Steaks – The Finest You’ll Ever Barbeque!

We start with ranch raised Alberta AAA beef, grown in the hills north and east a little of Calgary, up near Torrington. Beef that is tender, full of nutrients, marbled, and juicy. We are a provincially inspected facility, we have been cutting steaks for a lot of years, and we know, when it comes to steak, you take your time, do it right. We want a nice tender juicy steak ourselves, and aim to provide the best steak for our clients, exactly like we want ours.

Bauer Meats Steak

Bauer Steak Grilling

Porterhouse – The King of Steak – this is a large steak which is commonly known as the King of Steak, it features a large piece of tenderloin and a thick end of the short loin which contains the T-Bone. These babies are something – get that grill ready

T-Bone – Awesome on the grill – The T-Bone has always been a favorite on the grill, the bone that separates the larger portion of the top loin from the tenderloin section, always adds that “Special Flavour” you just can’t get with a boneless cut.

Tenderloin – The Most Tender Cut – We can always say, you won’t find a more tender steak than a tenderloin, we keep them fairly thick, you can grill these to perfection and you’ll never find a nicer cut.

Strip Loin – The strip loin steak is the family choice, all nice loin meat, tender, we usually trim them of most of the excess fat but leave just that right amount for flavour on the grill.

Rib Eye – The Juicy Flavourful Champion – there is no steak with more flavour than the Rib Eye. It is our most popular steak, it’s cut from the beef rib, which as you know this portion has always been the tender, fatty, juicy section.

Sirloin – All Meat – All Taste – the sirloin is cut near the rump, we tend to cut them a little thicker, we don’t trim as much, leaving plenty of marbling and taste, and you can cook them just right, these are some awesome steaks.

Call us about some steak packages, perhaps you want to try out a sample of each, no matter, we look forward to hearing from you, we know you’ll be very pleased with these.